Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, October 18, 2012


by Richard Hartwell

Increasing nearsightedness,
In fast advancing age,        
Can be of great benefit.

No longer do you see
Serpents in the grass
At the garden’s far end,
Blending, blurring with a
Surrounding palette,
Forming only background.

Eyes can distinguish
Shades, hues of color,
But so little of form,
Thus forcing, focusing
On the immediate,
Aware what is before is
Seen with greatest clarity.

Concentrating as it recedes,
Continuing to distinguish its
Shape amidst amorphous
Background, surroundings,
Something said in praise of
Beneficial aspects of
Such narrowed vision.

If I can clearly see only
What is just before me,
There is less possibility
Then that I will trip,
Fall over the obvious,
While admiring the ethereal.

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