Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laid Off

by Ben Rasnic

What tipped me off
was his plastic puppet smile
illuminated by the funeral parlor
fog that always seems to hang
over four suits in a cramped room
with one empty chair.

Then came a spew of syllables
from the designated, flapping mouthpiece
with a gush of bloody feathers
from a dying quail
that made no impressions;

a Q&A that began and ended with
“Our attorneys advise we are not required
to pay you any kind of severance” and
“Aren’t you retiring soon anyway?”

concluding when a greasy, clammy hand
splayed rigid fingers extending
into empty space
like a housefly I swatted
with my self-respect
on the way out the door,
mind churning
like a fully loaded magazine
spraying bullets haphazard
into the void.

At 58,
& in the diminishing light
of horizon,
it is at times with deep personal regret

that revenge is a poison
I can serve only
and in silence.

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