Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, October 25, 2012

$40 co-pay

by Ross Vassilev

sometimes I think
I've got every disease known to man
I've seen so many fuckin doctors
over the years
and I know all you doctors
made so much fuckin money off me
the co-pays and
and all the useless shit
that helped you pay the mortgages
on yr 3-story homes
you're all a bunch of fuckin crooks
every one of ya
America is just one big con game
everybody's trying to con everybody else
those who can, get rich
and those who can't
sell drugs on the corner
it's all a big sick rat race
and there ain't no end to it
but you're still the shining city on a hill

1 comment:

  1. Wrong! (But not these fighting-words - much needed...)