Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Staff Meeting at Auschwitz

by Donal Mahoney

We’ll tell the Fuehrer how we've tried
everything to make this lady say
where the rabbi lives but she won't talk
so now it’s time to call the plumber.
Tell old Franz to bring his drill.

We'll tell the plumber the prisoner won't talk
so now it's time to start rodding out Camille.
"When you're finished, Franz, bring her back
and we’ll see if she will yield. And if she won’t
you’ll try again, rodding out Camille.”

Remember, little Rachel?
Once she saw the plumber's drill,
she told us where to pick up 30 more.
If we had Rachel, she could warn Camille.
It would save old Franz a trip.


  1. I love the concrete mixed with thematic repetition. Lovely to see you again.