Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 29, 2012

jersey turnpike pornographic elegy

by Stephen A. Rozwenc

broken white lines
streak by
like horny laboratory rats

a mildly titillated Plymouth Neon car
careens through traffic
tough-in-cheek headlight beams
night licking
between gulping 18 wheeler thighs

the whiny dildo
swerves dildescent
onto an exit ramp's kinky black garter belt
only to halt
squealing vicariously
before the blood gorged pubic tollbooth
death mask

the nine headed penis of money
whips out
of the driver side window
and demands
eleborate punishments
for any congenital release

then squirts merrily off
for blonde strands of Walt Whitman Bridge lights

Phiadelphia bound
for more of dead Eric's playful dialogue

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