Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peter, Pan and Mary

by Claudia Rey

Peter Pan has grown old
and doesn't fly around any more.
Last time he tried his old tricks
his back started to ache
his arms felt heavy
gravity went to his head
and he had to hurry back home.
He's fifty-seven, after all.
He still doesn't wear a jacket
or a necktie - for heaven's sake!
But his green elf costume
is shrunk and frayed at the edges,
so he had to accept jeans
and a green sweatshirt.
And desert boots.
Mary Poppins... well,
she aged more graciously.
Her hair is greying
but the new wavy cut
gentles her face.
She is still a bit stern
her manners are flawless
she's a real lady, after all.
But she smiles
from time to time
and she started to wear pastel colors.
Specially when she meets Peter for tea
in Kensington Gardens.

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