Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Year’s December

by Paul Vincent Andrews

If my hot mouth
could pray sounds
in the chilled
Autumn morning

Let them lay
brave honest
truths, in lies
planted in dry
summer earth

During other’s harvest
I will plant our other life
in the Indian summer

Where a year we ago
we met, and waited
for a new Winter


  1. Your poetic articulation always amazes me

  2. dig....e.e.cummings immediately came to mind...can't wait to start reading him again (a May Time tradition)...

    i like the idea of 'we ago, we met'...kinda like 'so you and so i'....past/before/we; met/ago/me...maybe it's the word play, or the picture it paints (both your poem and your words - as words and not poems)...

    brilliant contrasts...can't help but think of my boy connor oberst (upon reading 'i will plant our other life')...i suggest listening to his song 'make a plan to love me'....good stuff...

    good good stuff though paul....this one stands out as one i might steal and pawn off as somebody else's...