Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

v. to get on board

by Cameron Mount

Sit back
and let them wash over you
saturate, permeate, simmer
context clues will tend the rest
if only, if only
but I protest: the world was too big
to know what to know
it would come to me, surely
impress itself, naturally
me, standing idly in the center of a tundra
stark, expectant silhouettes in an encircling horizon
well? someone calls
forms, foliage, longings in between
but I have no words for them
their visions are indistinct and sheer
and I see straight through to the faces
make something, be something, embark before it’s gone
cries a voice, behind the mirage of an unknowable infinite
a voice of unsettling conviction
I tell him I’ll try
and I ask for a dictionary.

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