Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


by Handsen Chikowore

You are my destiny and my strong desire
You maintain strong ties and bond between families
And you sow seeds of sympathy and empathy
You drive us to a point of anxiety and excellence
And you prune us like orchard fruits

Even at funerals, you fill us with hope, peace and forgiveness
You also bridge the gap between friends and foes
And germinate roots of trust and togetherness
You are priceless even though you are remote to the majority
When will you fill everyone’s heart to the brim?

Some dream of you but dread your presence
Widows, widowers and wedding bells are all your fruits
Sweetheart, honeymoon and divorce are all your results
Where you fertilise your splendour, there is joy
Where your presence disappears like dew in the morning,
The void is unimaginable, unspeakable and undesirable

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