Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girl of Interest

by Jay Coral

i hate her for being in her shoes
moreso i hate myself for being on the same shoes
after approaching the girl only to find out
we are both a mismatch in group chemistry
she reminds me of my own sparkle
a figure shining aloof in the keyhole
a perspective bridged without camera obscura
it is a glorious peepshow
i can see my sweet target
the vindication of my sweet revenge
pumping my wounded pride
i am mad
and scared to meet my body-double
i want to clobber myself and her
and be this unspeakable monster
but then i would be unrelateable - again
no one to share promises of looming clouds
and doses of healthy and hinging laughs
i leave her unscathed
my sympathy unavowed
my hubris in my stomach

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