Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eighteen - for Kirsten

by Lisa Zaran

She wants to leave, and now
how can I, on this early morning, before
the sun has broken through, before
the alarm clock goes off assailing,
find a nice, quiet place
to tuck my failures so I can vaguely
tell her not to go. How can I?

She kicks up all I had left to settle.
Years of dust, my past looks more
hopeless than ever. Still, I have
one hundred inner reasons for wanting
her to stay. Though many are mistaken.
Reasons, nonetheless. Thoughtless
thoughts that bounce around inside
my head at night when I should be sleeping.

She too suffers from her position, not unlike
mine but not the same either. That is why
I make a suggestion. The world really isn't
that big. It's us that are enormous. The world
is just a tiny room we fill beyond completion.
Really, darling, there isn't anywhere else to go.

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