Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Devil In A Blue Dress

by Catfish McDaris

I was tight with the blacks
they knew color didn't
mean jack shit to me

We were all in the same
throes of anguish &
intimidation by a seriously
blinded form of management

Laughter was our solution
to the incredible stupidity
we were forced to endure
for green paper of existence

Sitting with Leroy Hubcaps
in the cafeteria, he bit into
a sausage, grease squirted

All over Big Molly Bankhead
her blue dress had 2 big
2 bit sized buttons, her
breasts swelled in indignation

The buttons took off like
unfriendly Scud missiles
Hubcaps got one in the eye

The other hit me in the back
of the throat between bites
of turkey sandwich

That devil's left titty escaped
like a punctured zeppelin, we
fell out in hysterics, rolling
away from her attacking kicks.

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