Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, July 14, 2012


by Michael H. Brownstein

The world never stops filling itself with itself
and we can never stop dipping our senses into its well,
a wish for rain slips through the congregation,
a Mongolian chant, the sudden hum of the bowl of the monks,
things break and things get broken.

—Fifteen questions for the Socratic notion

conveyor belt madness?
a sampling of turbulence?
people of the pandemic,
blood work and the end of days?
the list of the ancient sequoia?
a tomahawk road? sage advice?
smoke and a pinch of anger?
bankrupt cities of sex?
values in sound? timbres in light?
an erosion of teeth? organic man?
a shake-down of hands?
the dark stain of cloud and
a thin stream heavy with water
the lost trial of  the ruins?

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