Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shipping Thirty Pieces

by Daniel Wilcox

Many ‘amor’ or less youth sold One
For counterfeit coins of whim,                          
Pigged out sluicing the trough on
Fool’s ‘mental,’ tin-canned
Eye-nailing gyrated skin;
Along with prodigal’d millions
Bowed by the thin luster of delusioned media;
(Easy cash, easy go—so easy),
Posed broads-cast out from the Trojan net,
Yes, sleazy mindless you’s
Knock, knock, knocking their prodded gaze
Up tawdry lasses of loss
Who’s there?
Aborted relations,
In the ‘guilted-less’ age,
Or hug-noosing themselves with guilt--
A modern secular ‘whoreship.’

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