Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 26, 2012


by Quinn White

I paint my face like a duck and you
you paint your face like a mouse and you
you paint your face like a dog.
Don't forget drop cloths.
Keep an eye on the trash. At all costs avoid
Penny's beach trinkets: the wooden sailor, the Ziploc
of ocean water, a dried seahorse, a snow globe.
You brought the beer?
Right, a duck would bring brandy. Hold on,
she's got my snifters stuffed with newspaper.
Faces on. Episodes queued.
Nobody take a picture.
Well, somebody has to take a picture.
Why can't we be duck, mouse, dog
and not tell?  Do your Donald.
            Who's got the sweetest disposition?
            One guess, that's who!
I stand, wag my white ass feathers.
            Who never, never starts an argument?
            Who never shows a bit of temperament?

Penny needs to put in air purifiers or something. I'm winded.
            Who's never wrong, but always right?
            Who'd never dream of starting a fight?        
Take over. I need my inhaler.
Mouse-face pops up, brandy in hand.
            Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
            No one... awawawhahaha!
You're nailing it. For a mouse, you're classic duck.
            But Donald Duck.
This is a good one. We all sit down.

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