Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Days

by Ali Znaidi

the scorching gusts of the sirocco wind are
building a big fire, a hell to bodies.
Beads of sweat on bodies blink as
they come and evaporate
Salty aroma fills in the air
similar to the smell of a grilled lamb
flavoured with salt
the air is thicker than thickness
folding bodies in quilts made up of
lava w/ many shades of red
the heat of summer is a thought occurring
      within the head of a heated grilled body
      that is rife with lack of freshness
summer days must have doors
clandestinely connected to hell/
sore signs on bodies/ Just forget about them
summer days will relish in the grilled flesh
& more aroma of salt will fill in the air

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