Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

She Was the One

by James Babbs

she’s been calling me
for the past several days
but I refuse to answer
I just don’t feel like
talking to her
right now
she was the one who said
she wanted to see other people and
I told her go ahead
just leave me out of it
before I walked out the front door and
got into my car
driving to a nearby liquor store
then I went home
she’s started calling me
she probably wants to tell me
she’s really sorry and
she wants to see me again
I don’t know
she never leaves any messages
she just lets it ring and
then she hangs up the phone
I’m sure
I’ll talk to her again
some night when I’m feeling lonely
when it’s cold outside and
I’ve had too much to drink

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