Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


by Sana Khalesi

beneath the spell of your hazel eyes breathing
when right-or-left choices of
death or dying
a glare
a caution
with a respite on the cushion of your lips
or when
the innocence of your heart
my only belonging
and departs
with a 4-foot hole
in my still stale moth-eaten soul

oh trail me
regale me
seek this sick-me
with your equilateral longing legs
seek your poison snogs
on my lost-in-smoke-and-ashes lungs
and turn this crude cremation
into Louisiana Iris
all the bridges
from Shiraz to Paris
memories, reveries, treacheries
all gracious photos
and post-hardcore songs of EMERY

while nodding your hideous head
while sipping your afternoon coffee,
while listening to your only insanity-plea
peering to your vicious voice, uttering:
"oh oui oui!"
there's no ME,
and you are propelling
another mistress, Dionysus
with curly creamy short-cut hair
lost in her castle-in-the-air
peeling avocado pear
with your tender solicitous care

and I –
now dust –
beneath your steps
and missteps
giving an ear to Joan Baez's "Diamonds & Rust":
"...smiling out the window of the crummy hotel over washington square"
I dare
I dare you
pretermit me
by giving your fictitious look
a more factual gloss
in my loss!

1 comment:

  1. HEAVY !

    "...4-foot hole
    in my still stale moth-eaten soul" ... !

    So strong, like an Auguste Rodin of Words; you're sculpturing in text with your chisel of passion, like you'd work and shape the surface of a crude diamond beyond it's possible molecular structure ... and you succeed !

    ...I'm still not completely "friend" with the poem, as there's such a rich variety of interpreting angles, I find...
    Good and interesting poetry is like that sometimes; like unique and interesting people; it got layers, and levels upon levels ... and one gotta take time with it.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for guiding me here !