Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Runnin’ Round Settlin’ Down

 by David Raffenaud

When you’re young and you start runnin’ ‘round
and you’ve got a couple bucks in your jeans
and maybe got a car or a buddy who does
so you cruise around feelin’ like a King

And you’re trying to find somebody, “Somebody to Love “
no it might not be love, just getting along
try to be nice
and if it don’t last
then we’ll just move along
and be on our way
and the world keeps turnin’ - like it always did

Then the sun goes down
and the sun comes up
and we all start another day

Then later on, you get a little older
when you start to think about it
and you’re lookin’ for “Somebody to Love”

‘Cause your head’s a little different
      and your mind’s a little different
      and your bod’s a little different
      and your pad’s a little different

And you think about settlin’ down

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