Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Study in Yellowing

by George Korolog

A compact Pocket Handyman Manual       metric recollections
half crumbled Macy’s receipts        a Christmas halo emerging
from a white envelope        whale skinned cables pinning down
the            futile attempt of a corner page to raise itself up from
         oppression, a plumpy yellow book with a lone blackened
diagonal across the slab side of its pages, angry              I think
one Ticonderoga, tawny rubber bands    a graded trigonometry
quiz, 89%      partial credit on the proof                     on top, an
unpeeled banana with
                                sunspots, arching the warm glow of lemon
lingering in the paper eves
                                        like a haze of profound blond passion.
Not keepsakes, but a still action
waiting to be pulled          toted away      squash slipping out of
your hand during
the harvest..                            The square of incomplete stories
a testament of haphazard remnants          snubbing deportation
twelve                          by seven inches of            accumulation
not collecting through the  night    but in a longer more random
squall markers like Autumn                                 leaves spilling
out across                                                  the Pollack landscape   

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