Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


by Antony Norcliffe

If I could travel the world in shadows
Think of the things I could see
A fly on the wall incognito
A chance to re write history

Shall I sneak through the corridors of power?
Listening in on our leaders so true
A ghostly knight of shimmering honesty
A sense of clarity for me and for you

I will spend all day at the fun fair
Sneak in the hall of mirrors for free
A thousand different reflections
But not one of them ever shows me

I could parachute straight into a circus
Camouflaged as clown or a bear
Perform all the tricks for a roaring crowd
But no one would even care

I shall run naked through the streets of my city
All laughter and joy to be free
I will mock all the crowds in the rat race
Bound up in their clothes and misery

The temptation to peek is a strong one
Must be wary and always take heed
Do not take advantage of others
Voyeurism not part of my creed

When I travel the world in shadows
Ill tell you all the things that I see
No need for a cloak or a magic ring
Because nobody ever sees me.

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