Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shop Owl Ease

by John Pursch

Distal ascent imagination crackers
startle cupcake filigree with spoon
retardant miscellany chokers,
facile and incendiary to a fallen
centennial levitator’s celebrated
winch correction shellfish trait,
cloned seriously from tapir assays
of syrupy loquacity.

Extraneous cloudtop kneelers
punctuate evenly bulbous atrocities
with sink-skin shoveled hammer urges,
sifting seedless needles in tornado chats
for peacenik artichoke investment dolphins,
soldered at sunset to carpool odium lapels.

Barfly hints rewind reclusive
forelocks of slum legato pleasure scans,
pinching shop owl ease in teeming carrot
salt initiation, caulked before a bubbling
khaki graduate collides with fetal umpire
trigonometry excuse reiteration mix.

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