Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Everyone is Getting Younger

by Sarah Henry

Some people like mountain climbing.
I think it's a dangerous waste.
The black comic in Philly glowers at me.
I want to thrash through
the fields of a Southern clime.
This is the true meaning of adventure.
Sugar cane.
I eat a bowl of nuts at my table.
I stray.
Everyone is getting younger
everywhere I go.
My stomach shrinks.
Wringer washer.
I give the club a panning shot.
Danger is crawling up my legs.
Fire ants.
They say coffee causes brittle bones.
I wanted to keep a guy on a rope
but he bounced away.
Tether ball.
Everyone is getting younger.
The talent here is younger.
The waitresses are young and dishy.
It would be nice to be a high school
success story and prove them all wrong.
I want to hear the sound of two poeple
playing ping pong in an ice palace.
Skating forward.
The checks are going down.

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