Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Camel

by Amit Parmessur

The very first dune in sight,
he threw himself at my back
when he experienced
those emotional deserts.
Despite the cold night
my shamed heart felt dry
when he gave me those callow
and dull looks.

The weight of his calumny
made me feel like a cactus
trying to caress a fragile fish.

And as the moonless wind
blew from the oasis I realized
that it’s not a straw that breaks
the threads of sincerity; it is the
strain of a husband’s wrong words.

But when we reached
the burnt tree I heard him kneel
under the scurrying clouds of guilt.
I grunted with desperate joy.
He never wanted me;
he always wanted my ride.

Wish the dark could
scare the ego off his hooves
and teach him the right balance.

As we crossed the last mound
the stars told me that
I showed him my back
could be overloaded that’s why
he disrespected me and
dribbled the cud of his mistakes
over my rough skin
to call himself perfect.

Let’s hope God catches him
when he falls from the hostile
humps of life’s clamorous circus.

Meanwhile, the walk continues.

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