Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

After Twenty Years, Towels Fray

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

After twenty years, towels fray, limnaea creatures, too, wonder water’s worth.
Invisible hedgehogs’ hibernacula, alongside many kinds of patient editors,
Begin despising sassafras roots, fairy wings, wee pieces of acorn pancakes,
Even as strutting alongside thoughtful rivers of binturong fur, answered shouts,
Thunder, lightening, electrical storms, photoshopped regolith, plus tooth decay.
Critters longingly gaze at yesterday’s métier while their eyes go chalcedony.
Only dogs, maybe hyenas, purple smoke, kaleidoscope cries, dead moths embrace
Such self-determination as found in “abuse survivors,” “darlings,”  “wise pensioners.”

Consider, at street level, various costermongers shout bananas and cherries.
I’d have taken that from their barrels had you not insisted on boutique affections.
Hence, I made due with bull fiddle when loving needed mandolins.
I wanted to yield, to ordering in Chinese noodles, to buying guquins,
To run around our suite buck naked, save for old kimonos lent by our concierge.
Instead, you recalled antiques’ costs, wanted no restrictions to our private parts.
You esteemed that laws of intimacy exist as they do, especially officially.
Further hazarding, like ions with unpaired spins, might fetch paramagnet powers!

Until tomorrow, more harmatttans blow toward New York , bring trash.
Babble fishes continue divulging multi-linguistic laconic expressions.
Mustelids organize blues bands, red specks, green-marked shells, recruit
Insect warriors, randomly, afterwards orienting them in fields of thermal holocaust.
School secretaries keep on calling parents to seek kids’ field trips permissions.
Secret suns saunter, too, as well as do polarly matched elements. Meanwhile, beauty
Spots noted for ferule-styled reinforcements, abandon rest to sleeping villagers.
Motorcades, jazz clubs, elephants, all blithely disregard matters of mestizo heritage.

On balance, burying problems in haymows, reveals moist spots where tree bits harbor.
Leafy brightness, in dark spaces, makes sebaceous any sugar-coated examinations.
Relationships evolve epigenetically, unstructured eggs plus wiggly sperm cause potential.
Normally, truth churns through public potholes, skips before knee hauling in toxins.
Most Twozans leapfrog through forests, past Oenomelian lakes. Alogonquins
Dance, end purposeless ballet sessions in an aebleskiver manner. Miles displace grip.
Our choices remained informed, guided, put to ease, sidetracked, by cenotaphs,
Until we rowed in daisies, got trod upon by emotional peacocks. Liaisons take work.

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