Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 31, 2014


 by J. K. Durick 

There’s a silence in human sound, despite
Its bravado – there, just beyond its bite, its
Bluster. A silence in highway sounds, all night;
The early throat-clear of trucks and trains; even
The light lapse of lawn the newsboy makes, his step;
The paper properly folded, finally, quiet in the door.

There’s a silence in human sound, a silence
Running down to a stillness I stretch, stammer
To avoid, talk aloud to myself, if I must, run radios
Televisions, anything, hum some, drum some,
But it’s there – call my friend, his dead silence
Frightens me, I can hear it in his voice.


  1. Wow. Another great poem from J.K. Durick.

  2. This really is cleverly-thought-out - but reads as strongly-felt too.