Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Idiot Savant

by Chris Butler

I’m with stupid
and all alone,

adding the two of us
together to equal
an odd number
(1 + 1 = 3),

because I can’t afford
to pay attention.

an idiot savant, a belligerent genius, a moronic whiz kid, a lobotomized brainiac, an illiterate poet, a plagiaristic beatnik, an autistic artist, a tone deaf composer, a colorblind painter, a dyslexic architect, a magical mathematician, a classless student, a preaching teacher, a dysfunctional perfectionist, a lackadaisical layman, a hypocritical critic, a carpel tunnel cripple, a handicapped olympian, a self-prescribed scribe, a profitable prophet and out of my mind insane.                                           

But I just wrote
an immortal poem.

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