Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Henry’s walk of need

by Sarah E. White

Walking down the hallway of a thousand doors closed
Henry comes to one that will open
Stepping in with the first slivers of light
Light falling upon his true love for the first time
She’s lying on a bed of tangled sheets and dreams
Waiting for something, for someone
Needing to feel needed, to feel inspired
For it was as much a love afar of the mind as it was of their bodies
Two writers’ worlds intertwined with poetry madness
Bound tight by intertwined hopes and desires
Climbing in with her
His heart races with a thousand years of longing
He now feels the heat of her skin and smells the sweat in her hair
Meeting in a kiss they breathe each other in
His hands firm on her body
Her strong sinuous legs pull him in to her
Henry now feels her warm breath on his neck
Her lips feel hot with desire
Her hands are stronger than he expected
Her touch tingles through him, blood pumping harder through his veins
Henry barely holds onto her as she throws herself backwards
Backwards into a free fall of ecstasy
Immersing herself in all that is him
He finally has her, his June in his arms

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