Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We All We Got

by Damion Hamilton
The poor people, those barely making it
We all we got. My car hits a median
I can’t get out--forwards or backwards
Snow and ice is all around.
And I’m freezing my balls and ass off
Another car has been stopped near me, as the dude
Struggles to get his a car off the road, away from the main road,
I go over and give him a hand, pushing hard, we get the car out
The way
He’s somewhat grateful, but isn’t concerned about
car problem
I call triple A. they are so damned busy, on the
Coldest day of the year.
I wait an hour, and an angel approaches me,
And he doesn’t look like the angel of your mind,
Just like a middle aged man, waiting for a bus
He looks at my car and then at me
Ridiculous sitting in that stranded car, and told me I would
Need to jack it up, to get it off the median,
He tells me how to turn the wheel and get
It in reverse and back out
The shit helps with a little bit of effort.
I’m off the median, he walks away
And I call him back
I give him a ten dollar bill, and say thanks
He really saved my ass
And he didn’t have do that

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