Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Words

by Shawn Misener

When there are words going constantly
they start to feel worn we are
bludgeoned with them on the TV
and radio by the crowd comment
streams in our heads

So when we start to write
it feels like scaling dead trout
or grabbing at clouds or making love
to dirt or emitting one long continuous
groan that never ends but scales back
into infinity where it bounces off
the eternal cervix and comes back
as reckless garbling and surreal
poetic nonsense

Oh bless me Calliope
and excuse me for your belch
that I take credit for and one day
hope to feed my children with


  1. we are to blame for our words

    this hope you speak of, reminds me of the importance of my day job

    I lived on Melpomene Street for two months and discovered the meaning of truth in advertising

  2. words drive my brain.. abit frightening
    nice piece