Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mercuric Offender

by Mathew Richard Carter
my receptive palette 
resumes the taste 
back onto the tongue 
after consuming you 
through eight unfiltered 
years, though 
your scent still   
travels to 
the curtains and 
pillow cases you 
have abandoned 
in haste. I will 
soon burn them 
in your blazing trail. 
The cost of our time 
spent in concert adds 
up to millions! 
I have eagerly awaited 
to confiscate your dear 
grandeur, like razor 
ninja to sharpened 
sensei, gleaming 
from your eyes staring 
back into mine. Much like 
a mirror, I invade your image 
to mimic your wisdom, your  
insight, your charm, 
there is no truth 
left to search for– 
in all your optical 
expressions, in all 
the books you keep. 
Back to our old apartment 
     and it’s always the history that 
     confounds us. These windswept 
     walks that kick up dust to gather 
     on your shoulder, just a brush 
     away from fully polished. 

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  1. Just a brush away from fully polished....