Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Light Up

by Morgen Streur
I struggle with my thoughts, there's so much runnin' through me
Transformer in disguise I wonder if you knew me in a past life
Are you, confused by the new me? [Music is my duty]
I can't force anything and everything is mine but I'm just not satisfied.

[Passerbys pass me by] Am I sent to pacify? Was I meant for this life?
Or am I trippin' skippin' parties thinkin' they won't miss me anyway? 
Every day I write new verses at work & then I come home but it doesn't feel so, 
Back to my workflows... guess I'm Gung-ho, International-no not even local 

Cuz I move too fast, my motives are loco, trained to be a locomotive
Leavin' trails of smoke wherever I go I'm solo [oh no I'm alone]
I been here before so much I almost prefer it
I use it as deterrence so I don't get close to anybody anymore

So I light up...


  1. Yes!.. This poem grabbed me by the collar and did not let go.. Very well done..