Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bob Dylan is dead

by Ross Vassilev

that was the rumor I heard
turned out it wasn't true
not yet anyway
Bob's one helluva true spirit
like Johnny Cash was
(he really is dead)
and John Lennon (him too)
I think we true spirits
(and there ain't many of us)
all end up in the same
starry psychedelic Buddha
dynamo where we'll crank out
the cotton candy poetry
of the Gods till the end of
time or we'll end up in Hell
(even more fun)
and we'll be the demons
tying bankers and other
war criminals
to barber shop poles
and we get to shoot at their
genitals with BB guns
O whatever it is
and where-ever it is
let it come let it come
just don't make me
spend eternity
with the Mormons.


  1. Ha!..Bang ..
    Love this one..

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