Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Joey Is Nine and Having a Party

by Amy Soricelli

Fourteen pirates with patchy eyes-  swords
bouncing right and left;
as they tumble down the stairs - arms and legs
tangled, like spider webs.

Sneaker toes with blocks of mud
leaving peppery trails to the cake -
knobby knees and light-bulb eyes
M & M's on pirate plates.

Ice cream mounds in drippy bowls -
gathered like soldiers in a line -
parents nearby in pirate hats
keeping watch with forest eyes.

He blows his wishes into the yard
dangling, like tired balloons;
floating over ships made of wood
and the August blow-up pool.

I am the strongest kid on earth
Joey shouts into the skies-
his words float like confetti into nearby yards
where there is no party and no one turning nine.


  1. Gentle reminder of the hope and freedom we experience when we were kids. Miss that!