Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 1, 2011


KJ Hannah Greenberg

Tears swim down, gumming sides, making way for crescendoing bavuras,
Until weary epiglottises becomes incapable of throwing off chaff.
Rectified souls are provided access to apexes, get rewoven of essential stuff.
The rest of us, though, try to enact gratitude for essentials, but get stymied.

It’s not merely life’s avoirdupois, but also complete pieces of unenacted gratitude,
That remain devoid, entirely, of formation’s splendor. Those bits, derived
From bad addresses, burnt letters, mistaken memories, other claptrap,
Cheapen mediunity, weaken miracles, suck power from paranormal phenomena.

Strange habits repeatedly suppress spiritual immunities, without compensation
Leave actors not corporally sick, but dying of other salts and bitters.
Such remarkable chunks deprive, moreover, children of whirly-twirly rides,
Suck away dedicated moments of imperative living from the elderly.

Thereafter, associates’ good intensions are no aid, create no solace
As soon as the remnants of high end evolutions droop like saggy ears.
Too many folk resort to hanging their heads from car windows,
To posing as furries, to running from remorse’s solace, from its quiet power.

No grimoires exist for atonement. Loathing taints penitence as long as deeper
Resentments run free. “Regular” doctors, too, work useless even as we refuse
The Greatest Healer, partner with ill-conceived notions, bloat ourselves
With amuse bouches fashioned from duplicity or other bitter conjectures.

While we want to be jake with The Boss, to be enfolded, if not for eternity,
At least twelve months, in forgiveness, in tenderness, furthermore love,
Most often, we skip project details until discovering everyday nuances
Constitute the fill of salvation, the core of recovery.

Life’s woods, hedgerows, lakesides don’t lack beneficent spots.
Rather, some of us have strayed so far that only select vesicles
Show utility, can potentially free us from transgressions, can shiv
“Permission” to restore us to health, to loosen our grip on disturbing baggage.

The strong charges against our names fade only if
We believe we’re capable of change, of constitutional rarity,
Of having our bitterly consequences reversed
By the Master Videographer who wants to employ calm filters.

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