Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last Rites

by Madhumita Ghosh

It is a cremation
one of its kind
I am not sad
have seen the inert remains
of a spirit long lost and dead
weeping in my heart
begging to be released
I stand calm
a secret joy fluttering its wings
eager to be released
so it can soar
The smoke rises
curling up, heavenwards
the essence of a being
gnashing and gnawing at my heart for long
now forever departed
frees me of a bondage
a dead lead I have borne all the while
I gather my flying hair with my hands
make a tight knot behind
my eyes now free from the looming lurking spectre
I look ahead
and walk briskly,
out of the crematorium,
free as smoke.


  1. Thank you Camel Saloon and Russell Streur.

  2. In my opinion, punctuations are a very important issues, which you should first consider.

    Then, apply your own creative 'stylistics' in your own 'Ethnography of Communication'.

    Good expression of thoughts, with well chosen words in a string!

  3. MK Singh,
    I would appreciate a comment on my poem sans grammatical errors please.