Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

East 143rd Street

by Amy Soricelli

Josie's building has steel windows.  Nails grounded fist into corners
keeping out sunlight, slips of fresh air.
Breezing by birds carry South Bronx dust fluttering through the wings/deep
down they soar... puffing up hard on concrete.
No one lives next door - boarded up with slabs of cedar wood smelling like
campsites in the rain -notice of non-payment taped to the door like a Christmas wreath.
High and dry that family of six - off in the night/ backwards-
fast-flying on wobbly tires.

Josie hears sounds next door on late nights - her small brothers bouncing off
the sofa/high on sugar drinks and plastic toys with missing pieces.
She hears laughter - random bangs that shake the plaster off the high-ceilinged walls -
she smells deep foods, rich, spicy -their colors slip under the door
and the cracks in her roof tapping lightly.

No one lives there - sealed, shut-tight.
Josie thinks there - moved in .....
are the ghosts of everything good.

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