Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


by Craig Kurtz

got everyone responding favorably
to number therapy. It was a boon
when designer silence went black
to white. I had doubts. Too loud.

Always & never became accepted
fields of study. When unequal specimens
filled every switchboard, evolution
went cheap effects. Too bad.

From bottled words to canned thoughts
in a generation. Only then did anyone
notice the door doesn't open from
the inside. I had wondered.

Aerosol children seemed a good idea
at the time. Praxis spread like
electronic dust. Then telepathic sex
was deregulated. Big mistake.

Serotonin warehousing polled well
initially. Spectacular error in
judgment. Ditto splicing genes
in algae spores. Too late.

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