Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kathmandu Taxi

by Paul Tristram

I awoke upon the settee
she was on the computer chair
studying me quietly.
I could tell by her face
that I had done something wrong
it was just a matter of how bad
the ‘something wrong’ was?

“You don’t recall, do you?”

I shook my head whilst sitting up.

“Ok, well we were at the house party
and everything was going fine,
you told some funny stories
and shit like that,
everyone was laughing, they loved it
you’re always great on beer.
Then when Benny & Lisa start showing
me the wedding photos you disappear.
When I finally find you an hour later
you are in the kitchen having an Absinthe
& Jägermeister drinking contest
with that lunatic Normski,
you are Wankered, the both of you!
I get you into the taxi and you fall asleep
but halfway home you jump rigid
and punch the back of the driver’s seat
yelling “Kathmandu Motherfucker!”
then you fall back sleep again.
The driver slammed on the brakes
and spun around in his seat
but he saw that you were sleeping.
We laughed at the ‘Kathmandu’ bit,
it’s a good job you said it,
it defused the whole situation,
I might have had to mace him,
you crazy Bastard!”

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