Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 21, 2013

i will not be bested

by Linda M. Crate

you're no dove
innocent and pure as driven snow
you are a wolf in sheep's clothing
looking for someone to devour
it won't be me
too long i've weathered the wings of your
storms, clawing to steal away all my
light so nothing remained but
dark shadows of the moon
azure petals of night
would not find the slivered silver of me
hanging from your fangs;
i tried once to love you, but you pushed me away
couldn't be your lover or your friend
just a whisper in your life —
avalanches of emotions toppled me in your rejection
of me; even atlas can't lift the world without
feeling pain pricking the dam of his eyes,
and i wish i could be half as strong
so i could procure an excuse
for these country roads,
and their weight wouldn't smother me under flowers
of oblivion; what you did to me was inexcusable —
you took all my magnolias of may
stole away all the crimson and gold of my sunsets
plucked out all the stars of my eyes,
dined on my heart
then expected me to fall submissive before you;
but my will is stronger than you think,
i will not grovel at your feet
you may think yourself stronger being a wolf but even ravens
have their weapons my talons will tear out your eyes
spotting the white snow of your heart with crimson spots
dancing the world some justice —
freeing any other heart burning beneath the flames
of your love too harsh, too greedy.

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  1. Second and third lines are as fresh as the driven snow.