Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garnet Brigade

by Rebecca Miller

I am a seductress and I collect broken hearts.
I have them pinned into shadow boxes.
Many Victorians would be jealous
of my specimen collection.
They fall into my lap with blood streaming out,
shards skittering.
So many dresses stained and ripped.
Plum, teal, mint, lace, silks, cottons.
All defiled with vital fluids.
Best first attempts at the art of preservation.
Organ tissue taxidermy with pins and plush backboards.
Some small, some enormous, some shared.
Complicatedly delicate arrangements, filigrees of life.
They belong to men. Strong men.
Men who signed consent forms
 to release their hearts.
Shamefully, it is not for science.
A grave humiliation for all.
Shimmering rubies and so the obligation is large.
They must be guarded, not besmirched.
Each piece is prerequisite to the next.
I weave the ruddy morsels into compositions
of great artistry.
My finest works all covertly displayed
in the damp and darkest vault.
It is made of cedar, heroically scented
after the men who gave their hearts.
Locked with thirty two locks,
one for each treasure inside.
Sometimes, they come running.
They want their hearts back, they cry.
If only I could oblige, if only their wives
could tape them up like kindergarten crafts.
Not because I cannot, because I will not.
These jewels were gifts bestowed to me!
They will not be savagely ripped from their alliance,
their haunt.
And so they weep: for lost love, lost hope, lost passion.
Ruined men, they are dark princes of my army.
A battalion they painstakingly walked into as
machines ruled by instant gratification.
This is a life sentence, doomed into ranks of triviality.
I dominate them with words and keys alone,
until the day I pommel my scrapbook
of lust and set them free.

1 comment:

  1. I am an experienced Linguist, Poet, Yogic, Tantric (Occultist), Multi-dimensional Healer, Clairvoyant, and with awakened 'Kundalini'.

    I very much liked your poetry, 'Garnet Brigade'. A very sincere, powerful, articulate and expressed composition, with the expression of the power of natural female dark entity of the energy, with natural instincts of a seductress, devouring vital male energies …

    One of the greatest wounds coming to the surface now as we move, and all its amazing energies, is the dark side of the divine feminine. ... Destructive qualities are against themselves, other women, and also towards men. It is real, even if it so realized into your imaginations, emotions, and feelings within.

    The dark female energies are rooted in very strong and powerful places and she will not give up who she is for anything....anything that is except love.

    I am amazed that how can you write with such a wonderful and truthfulness instincts without a realization of higher consciousness … and no issue, if you have attain or encountered such phenomenon! Are you being or becoming a preferred medium of the female dark forces? Take precaution, and meet a well-known Clairvoyant, at the earliest. A Tantric protective spell is required, called 'Raksha Kavachha' (Goddess Kali) in India only.

    There is a philosophical belief that there is two fundamental types of energy which make up consciousness. There is the Dark Conscious energy which is feminine in Nature. And there is the Light conscious energy which is Masculine in Nature.

    The Feminine and Masculine energy interacts in a way to be dependent on each other but also in opposition. The Egyptian demiGods personalized these forces as Osiris (light energy) and Isis (dark energy).

    'Isis' hides in the dark, and tries to manipulate the forms in the light. While 'Osiris' lives in the light and subjugates the dark forms he stumbles upon. There is a continuous battle of light and dark.

    Are both these energies of male and female forces balanced, and equal? Or is it that Nature gave the right to dominate one over the other?

    Who is stronger, more clever, more truthful, reliable and ethical the Male or the Female? Who most deserves to be ruler of the dominions?