Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

be the light

by Linda M. Crate

believe better horizons into being
shimmer stones to stars
hold your palms out and blow a better future
into the wings of this indifferent world;
sprinkle your dust of knowledge
upon me, let your brilliance enlighten me in realms
i could never imagine existed —
let the beautiful truth hold us forever in her
embrace, so many broken halos of darkness have
singed our wings let's not let that happen again
we were meant to shine as stars
not stand as candles dimming
our smoke obliterated by the breaths of clouds;
sing an angel's song so that the light
can remember to pierce through the arms
of pines and between irises of clouds —
snake your wisdom into the ears of men that could
use some smartening up, and let waves of
the ocean erode away all the pain we've felt
so we are no longer so numb;
visions of everything good and pure in life and light
should dance upon our futures now
because this darkness must stop.

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