Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 22, 2012

When in distaste with tributes of human design
(after Sonnet 29)

by Caleb Puckett

When in distaste with tributes of human design,
    I all alone celebrate my singular state,
And find strength no other can assign,
    Look upon myself, and determine my fate,
Acquiring resolve through self-directed hope,
   Featur'd like a calling, like a charge to be possess'd,
Desiring my inborn art to find a larger scope,
   With what I most enjoy, leaving the least:
Yet in these thoughts all men despising,
    Sadly I think on me,—and then their state
(Like to the drunkard at break of day arising
    With a clear mind) mocks me at glory’s gate;
For pride only comes from the accolades they bring,
    Causing me to scorn this slight song of self I sing.

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