Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, March 17, 2012


by Will Monigold

I watch the flies
Twisting in the window.
Some of them land on the sandwich
From two weeks ago
That’s finally lost its smell
But the flies savor it
It’s almost spring.
If I wasn’t so deaf
I could hear the birds singing.
I watched a robin
Picking a worm from the dirt
This morning. If I leave the heater
On and connect the microwave
The fuse blows. The fuse blew again.
I turn off the heater and finish cooking
The pot pie.
There is a little bit of blue on the lid
Of the cottage cheese but it hasn’t
Seemed to alter the taste.
After I finish eating the turkey
Pot pie covered with cottage cheese
I place the plate next to
The sandwich. The flies seem to enjoy
The new item just as much as the old.

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  1. Reading this poem by Will Monigold sent me to his Camel Saloon archives to read his other work and I was happy to find a writer who sees life somewhat the way I do--through a lens slightly off kilter. I know that I need help but I doubt that Will Monigold does. Interesting piece to encounter at breakfast. I'm heading for the gargle.