Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, March 17, 2012

From that moment on
(one night last summer)

by Devin Streur

As soon as this cut heals I'll regrow my claws
& then be again who I was before now before
Steering my life off its course & before
Making myself this dark aching bruise of a
Body or better a hollowed-out emotionless
Vessel whose blood thickens & drips onto
A canvas once tender & bare impermeable
Oil on a night in July of last year it was 2011
When I met the knife & unknowingly flirted with
Catastrophe looming beneath your smile
A façade seductively leading me into
This ocean of teeth as you teemed with Chaos
Proclaiming for me alone it seemed to hear

Fear not friend the path is ours to follow
& no one will ever defeat us because
We're in this together

I saw nothing but the simplicity of rain & the dew
On the grass with the blades made of glass
& a hunger for flesh eager to be sacrificed
Then I prepared my body for Order's last supper
Perceiving it wise to dive into darkness
I saw as light knowing it not then as now
I do a journey too rough & for that matter
Unforgivably foolish to try as I did & forever still will
Naive as I am to convince myself that
I could ever love you

Scratch that last part I'd rather deny that you'd
Ever grow so fortunate to discover at all
The capability to comprehend
The very feeling itself.

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