Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Worship at Work

by Omar Azam

You hate to think what we do in there
With your paranoid stare
and your upturned air

Your days too short to
waste time on praise
to One who made you
Let others do the important

Not even about ideology
this is the land of the free
free to do hedonism on the rise

We meet five times to show priority
you take five minutes to show me your skirt

and your schedules of efficiency
where days are meant for "quality"
you use these terms like bigotry

Where wit is full of distraction
You leave feelings out of the equation
consume meat like creation

"Why believe in philosophy
Why think such absurdity
When reality is proximity"

This room is your place
where you create a race
where the Unseen has no place

Let's have a conference
to discuss all matters of relevance
that are really of no consequence

in the holy daily divinity
that defines my reality
Where God is right in front of me

You claim our conspiracy
about our faces in proximity
the joke is really ironically

The Creator fathoms your ability
your quest to disguise enmity
for those who seek ontogeny

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