Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 29, 2012


by Ryan Swofford

Freaks with yellow eyes and purple hair
Running their fingers down white skin legs
Running their tongues up cherry nipple smoke
Alarm when you make a stupid
And it goes bump and how that
Made you jump

Two fingers rammed inside
Of cherry pies (watermelon wares)
Freaks have yellow eyes and
Purple hair
They sit up smoking weed in wicker chairs
Wicked-white eyelashes and brand-new labia
We call this: "Experimenting"

Freaks with purple eyes and yellow hair
Transforming and experimenting with tests and tubes up
Rammed inside
Nonvirginal wicked-white eyelashes batting against
Cellophane existence
Pimple chicken skin cold against naked chicken skin
Hearty eyes clear heart full of revival
Three fingers rammed inside

We call this: "Nonvirginal"

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