Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Story of a Sieve

by Melina Papadopoul​os


the most rebellious thing
I've ever done
was swim against the current,

the crayfish were angry

they gave me
fisherman forgiveness.



I also apologized to them
for catching them in the palm
of my hands and watching them
slip through the cracks of my fingers.

I told them that
I felt like a puppeteer
who works the strings best
when they are untied,

I felt like a child
who takes a sieve
and shovel to the beach
just to build a sandcastle
and start dynasties of hermit crabs,
currency in sand dollars

but still walk away



actually, I've always
found my own two hands
to make a better sieve
than anything else.

they could separate glass from sand,
water from glass and sometimes

water from water



the truth is
I'm just too apologetic
to want to do any wrong.

I spend too much time
separating good from bad
with my own two hands.

when good is the glass
and bad is the sand--

bleeding ring finger

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