Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something Like Love

by Subhankar Das

There is an impossible moon hanging up in the sky
for no reason tonight.
The mosquitoes are on rampage, up from their
slumber making a game out of me
and I am too drunk to fight.

She left me saying sorry
The 5 years seems too long a time now
making their slow moves as if
a very old Salsa footage running
real slow with lots of light eating away those memories.
Figures smudged in delirious joy
soft trembling skin which are not afraid to sweat.
Longing hope and pain just like love.

She comes back after 2 days
saying she is missing me,
and goes away as quickly as she came.

Next time she comes back
we will be wild in bed once more.

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