Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, September 20, 2012


by Alan S. Kleiman

Nobody looks at my body
Nobody sees my face
Nothing about me is apparent
I am hidden
Not by myself
But by my observers
Who see through me
Like glass, like water
Transparent and empty
Missing the moisturizing
That comes like rain
Making the grass grow
Even at night


  1. Alone and invisible, we all are. This is very frightening and sad realization. Most of us fill the invisibility or emptiness with obligations, good/bad deeds, addictions… name it. And some of us are brave and strong enough to just stop and look into that nothingness. In essence, no one is empty, we all have a substance- that is as the poem says ‘can nourish the land and make the grass grow *even at night*’. This is realization of oneself. The realization of another person’s essence perhaps impossible, so we almost never attempt to see it in others. So we remain invisible… Greatly insightful poem, thank you.

  2. It is a lovely poem with a stillness inherent in the words. Each verse of the poem stands alone making a simplistic statement about a state of being in time, in existence, within oneself. The last line has a subtle emphatic conclusion, which is suitably climactic and provides closure to the reader.

    Enjoyed the read! Thank you!

  3. Alan...I absolutely love this poem...I am rather speechless, believe it or not. Excellent work.
    -Sheila K. Mullally

  4. Alan,
    you know I loved this poem!!
    is a beautiful invitation to reflection,
    about 'be someone' ...

    thank you, my friend

  5. very nice poem! it is so naturalism of poem. congratulation Alan!

  6. Alan is a fine, smooth poet. He creates the right mood with carefully selected words. He puts words together in a charming and sometimes humorous way. Right measure of everything: emotions, observations, metaphors and the reality of his inner world. Well done Alan.

  7. Alan, I really like this shows depth and makes me kind of sad or better it touches me...yes....well did it again...

  8. Wow Alan good job .As always your poems make us think. So proud of you. You are certainly an Artist with great feeling. Now get over to West Hawk and write me a Poem. Miss you both. Not sure if this will be published I do not have any of those accounts so had to go as Anonymous Sharon

  9. Very nice art and poem. Post nice journals.

  10. Hello Alan, this is very nice...deep...makes me feel....makes me think....
    ...posting as anonymous....Elenita

  11. amazzzziiiing work,congratulations and more and more brialiant success :)

  12. As I was growing older, I noticed how invisible I had become to the outside world, yet my inner substance has grown richer with the passing of time. Beautifull poem, Alan. Regards Irina.